Replace front marker light on 2014 Toyota Highlander

You too today I’m gonna show you how to. Replace the side marker light right here on a 2014 Toyota Highlander headlights. All the information I found on the internet requires you to remove the entire front bumper. So you can get underneath the headlight. A pop it out. And event access. Side marker late. Which is. Rate. Back. Way behind their it’s even hard to see. I think I found a slicker way to do it.

2014 highlander headlightsFirst take a 10 millimeter ranch. Use that these 2 bolts already got them pre loosened. Like that. Then if you carefully. Pop out. All these brackets up like this. Carefully And then you can get behind will. The light assembly and just. The. Given a little. Able to move out just slightly. Okay now. Remove. The charity had this done. But remove this. First 2014 Highlander headlights bulb be careful not to Touch it or damage it. Set that out of the side. Now. The the other bald is right back there were my flashlight is.

You take your watch off of your hand. Can reach in there just enough. I had awful loosened up the both here you could probably remove this entire. Washer fluid reservoir. And Kim reaction twists. The. Then pull the old ball out. That’s a matter of. Removing the old ball trend do this with one hand. Going to the store buying a new one and then. Replacing everything. Be careful when you’re pulling the headlight apart not to catch it. In this area. The back together carefully and should work just fine. Counter questions are appreciated and if anybody else has got a better way yeah it sure love to hear about. Thank you.

Chevrolet Epica

Chevrolet EpicaThe premiere of Chevrolet Epica took place in March 2006 at the Geneva motor show. The car was very unusual in appearance with lights similar to Impala black headlights and extremely long – more than 4.8 meters.

These qualities distinguished the car among the models of its class. The predecessor of Chevrolet Epica was Chevrolet impala; the cars have several similarities. The development involved design centre of General Motors Daewoo and technology, located in South Korea. The model was constructed on the new platform. The production of Chevrolet Epica was launched in the South Korean city of Balisong.

The latest version of the sedan was released after restyling in 2008. It comes with one of two variants of petrol engines with capacity of 2 and 2.5 liters. The engines are paired with an automatic transmission or a manual one.

Car coating by vinyl film.

Car coating by vinyl filmBody of the vehicle at all times is exposed to a variety of third-party objects, departing from the rubber of transport going ahead. Most cars with massive bumpers and low-slung affected by this problem. To prevent the problem, you must use the stone chip film.

To protected carthe body parts of the vehicle by use of small mechanical damage stone chip film is used, which is available in different configurations.

The most popular are two main types of stone chip films: vinyl and polyurethane coating.
Vinyl film is used for processing the entire vehicle body as a whole. It allows to protect the entire car on gravel, that can fly out from under the vehicle tires, passing nearby.
The protective film of polyurethane is applied to the bumper, mirrors and the front of the hood. The subject coating is sufficient reliable and durable, but its application is quite difficult in places with strong curves on the body.

How to clean the engine.

clean engineWash the engine properly – it means does not wash it with water under high pressure. Otherwise, there will be more harm than good. In this way, it is easy to damage the insulation and cause corrosion of the connectors inside the generator, timer, various relays, etc. A strong jet can completely wash away the stickers with important information in the engine compartment, as well as damage the paint on some of the details.

You should use a weak jet of water using special high quality chemistry and car shampoo. No household cleaners should not seriously considered by literate person because of their inefficiency / futility against engine oil.

Self cleaning process is as follows:

  • Isolate by polyethylene everything, what is afraid of water (plugs, alternator, air intake air filter and the distributor);
  • Warming up and stop the engine (it should be warm, but not hot);
  • Remove the battery (it is not necessary, but the “minus” terminal is better to disconnect);
  • Apply the detergent on the engine and give a few minutes to dissolve the dirt;
  • Wash off, remove the insulation and dry.