How to clean the engine.

clean engineWash the engine properly – it means does not wash it with water under high pressure. Otherwise, there will be more harm than good. In this way, it is easy to damage the insulation and cause corrosion of the connectors inside the generator, timer, various relays, etc. A strong jet can completely wash away the stickers with important information in the engine compartment, as well as damage the paint on some of the details.

You should use a weak jet of water using special high quality chemistry and car shampoo. No household cleaners should not seriously considered by literate person because of their inefficiency / futility against engine oil.

Self cleaning process is as follows:

  • Isolate by polyethylene everything, what is afraid of water (plugs, alternator, air intake air filter and the distributor);
  • Warming up and stop the engine (it should be warm, but not hot);
  • Remove the battery (it is not necessary, but the “minus” terminal is better to disconnect);
  • Apply the detergent on the engine and give a few minutes to dissolve the dirt;
  • Wash off, remove the insulation and dry.
Car coating by vinyl film.