2016 Hyundai Elantra, review

Hi guys, you a letter has arrived this is the sixth generation of the small sedan Hyundai Elantra, and comes at me styling a bigger engine and some cool features let’s take a closer look. So what’s new I cave is now only 2 trim levels got the active and above that is the light me fix on the active include a 7 inch touch screen alloy wheels reversing camera and all the headlines and delete gets all those speeches too and among other things get the smart thing which pop cycle any will guide the to. Both because also come with apple’s cop light and how that works is it transfers the functions of the your life on system. It now costs a little bit more to get into in Atlanta but that price still undercuts the entry in meets but most of. Hyundai Elantra Do the Kerala’s today. The latter has a new look to. The grill is being re Stalin this new Hyundai Elantra led headlights and in the days and the big leaders redesign. There’s a new interior as well with controls orientated towards the driver.

Hyundai ElantraThen there’s the bigger engine the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder has been replaced by a grunt you to lead a full. This your engine however than the previous one. Another key difference than your letter is the use of more ultra high strength steel in the chassis. It’s not only makes the costs I thought but improves the handling of the vehicle to. The suspension particularly the really has been revised resulting impressive ride and handling. Young guys likely engineers have also chain the suspension to suit Australian conditions. I cried so what should you not. Well look how does it actually come with its own set never you goodies a sudden have on your iPhone through apple’s cop played. Android users don’t fit android auto is coming to Atlanta saying what if it did not debate it’s a bit smaller than the last one that’s because the way that reposition the shock of the all this means that it’s getting into the fix but. And finally even though the distance between the front and rear wheels and exactly the same as Alaska you’ve got to get more leg room in the back.

So young they want to make this more of a driver Scott and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed the extra gun from the engine is always good in my books although the excel right it is a little bit. The ride is right out it’s composed and comfortable and the handling is modified as well doesn’t lean to the corners and we was really good the right family.

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