Car coating by vinyl film.

Car coating by vinyl filmBody of the vehicle at all times is exposed to a variety of third-party objects, departing from the rubber of transport going ahead. Most cars with massive bumpers and low-slung affected by this problem. To prevent the problem, you must use the stone chip film.

To protected carthe body parts of the vehicle by use of small mechanical damage stone chip film is used, which is available in different configurations.

The most popular are two main types of stone chip films: vinyl and polyurethane coating.
Vinyl film is used for processing the entire vehicle body as a whole. It allows to protect the entire car on gravel, that can fly out from under the vehicle tires, passing nearby.
The protective film of polyurethane is applied to the bumper, mirrors and the front of the hood. The subject coating is sufficient reliable and durable, but its application is quite difficult in places with strong curves on the body.

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